Additional Workshops


Procedural Fairness and Decision Making

The session will cover procedural fairness and the steps decision makers can take to assist them to make fair, reasonable and defensible decisions.  The session will be highly relevant to members of College committees, particularly those who make decisions about individuals such as training committees, OTP committees, site accreditation committees and also members of committees that may act as a Review Committee.  Fellows or Trainees involved in decision making bodies in any other aspect of their lives may also find the session of interest.

Date: Wednesday 27 May
Time: 10.30am – 11.30am
Speakers: Ms Kristine Gibson – College Legal Counsel
Cost: This is a free workshop. Spaces are limited to 20 people and will be allocated on a first come basis


RACP Telehealth Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to share the expanding use of Telehealth by specialists and demonstrate how this is developing as a new, innovative model of care. It will provide advice on how specialists can introduce Telehealth consultations into their model of practice.

The workshop will take a Tell, Show, Do approach with registrants asked to bring their own wifi-enabled electronic device. Participants will need to ensure that they have Skype installed on their device for use during the interactive segment of the workshop.

Date: Wednesday 27 May
Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Speakers: Dr Anthony Russell
Cost: This is a free workshop. Spaces are limited to 20 people and will be allocated on a first come basis

To register for the workshop please email registration Please conclude your full name, email address and the name of the workshop you wish to attend in the email